Length: 1250 m

Width: 325 m

Height: 500 m

Engine: Fusion Reactors (X12)

Hull Materials: Titanium/Steel-A Warplate

Armament: Electromagnetic Propulsion Cannon (X2), Oversized TREBUCHET Missle Pods (X250), Perimeter Guard Chain-Fed Weapon (X100), EXCALIBUR Class Nuclear Warhead (X20)

Manufacturer: Schlau Krieg Vehicle Division



  • Captain
  • Helm Control Operators (X2)
  • Life Pod Control Operators (X2)
  • Weapons Systems Operators (X4)
  • Tactical Systems Operators (X2)
  • Navigation Systems Operators (X2)
  • Engineering Operations Systems Operators (X4)
  • Commaunications Systems Operators (X2)


  • 30 SVA Engineers
  • 20 IVA Engineers

-------Troop Complement-------


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