AW5-A: A.ssault W.eapon Style 5 - Mark Alpha

SSA-A: S.tandard S.ide A.rm - Mark Alpha

SSASMG-A: S.ub S.tandard A.utomatic S.ub M.achine G.un - Mark Alpha

ALRFSR-A: A.uto L.oading F.ire S.niper R.ifle - Mark Alpha

ASSAW-A: A.uto-loading S.elf-cocking S.hort-range A.ssault W.eapon - Mark Alpha


LRV: L.ight R.econnaissance V.ehicle

HRV: H.eavy R.econnaissance V.ehicle

LAV: L.ight A.ssault V.ehicle

TTT: T.errestrial T.roop T.ransport

StA AA: t.o S.urface A.erial A.ssault-craft

ATT: A.erial T.roop T.ransport

ATDS: A.erial T.roop D.ispersal S.ystem

Space Vehicles:

LC: L.ight C.Cruiser

HC: H.eavy C.ruiser

LF: L.ight F.rigate

HF: H.eavy F.rigate

LCR: L.ight Cr.uiser

HCR: H.eavy Cr.uiser

SCR: S.uper Cr.uiser

SS: S.pace S.tation

RS: R.esearch S.tation

CS: C.olony S.hip

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