He is the owner of Schlau Krieg Industries, their technology, and every division if Schlau Krieg Industries.

Physical Description:

Height: 5'-10"

Weight: 140 lbs

Hair Color: Light Brown

Clothes Style: Dark, Punk

Birth Place: Olive Grove Wildfire, Venice, Italy

Birth Method: Lightning struck the largest olive tree.

Race: Hybrid between: 'Highbreed' and a God.

Special skills: Sniping, Explosives Expertise, Technological Warfare, Technology(in general), Adaptation, Biological Warfare, Chemical Warfare, Field Medicine, Scouting, Stealth, Espionage, Tactical Elimination, Survival, Building, Negotiation, Buisness Managment, Physics, Pryotechnics, Assassination, Pilotins, Tactics and Leading

Real Name: Joshua

Biography: See ' Hello6130's Life '

Trusted Allies:uberhaxnova10, blob666

Right Hand Man: blob666

Left Hand Man: Accepting applications

Apprentice: Accepting Applications

Business associates: Accepting Contracts